Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our colour schemes!

This is another Metricon Display home in Caroline Springs.

As we have decided to close up the standard dwarf wall in the dining area of the Santorini, we thought we would look at doing something like this to still make a feature of that wall.

I love how these colours work well together! Most of our furniture is black & choc brown, predominantly black, so we are wanting lattes & burgundy's to mix it up a little on our feature walls & accessories.

I wasn't sure whether to go with burgundy's or greens as the alternate colour. They both work really well with browns & black but it would be way to much to have burgundy, green, brown & black. So we have to choose between green(olive/earthy greens) & brugundy!

Our bedroom suite!

This is the Bedroom suite we are going with!
I was going to post a few others on here that we were originally tossing up between but hubby is pretty adamant on going with this one! I like this the best to.
The only decision now is do we go King or Queen size?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi All,
Im going to do my best to bring this blog up to date.

Iv added a few more pictures of our current progress:

We are now up to Frame stage and according to our SM we are ahead of schedule. Frame has already been delivered & the slab marked out. This wasnt' supposed to happen untill tomorrow!

Melbourne weather has a crap forecast all the way into next week so not getting hopes up about Metricon getting a lot of work done, but fingers crossed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ok guys so here a few pics of our piece of dirt!

In The Beginning...........

The Finished product..........

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever attempt at a blog so you'll have to bear with me.

Hubby and I are building the 'Santorini 26' by Metricon in Melbournes West.

We are finally at the early stages of construction after a very loooong wait on our land title!

Anyway, if I work it out Il add a few pics of our progress so far.

Enjoy xx